27 April 2012

Writing a post because, guess what? I went shopping! It's very sad that that is the most exciting thing going on most of the time. I went shopping because Lilly sent me her "Secret Rewards Card" from Victoria's Secret. It was a $10 value, so I got to get an almost-free pair of lacy underthings. She felt it was pointless her using it, since she'd have had to pay shipping, which negates the money off. So, since I was at the mall, I rambled through a bunch of other stores. Got a few small things at Bath and Body works as usual. I also got a steal on a black sweater from Old Navy. I think it might be this one:
It has a kind of a weird, boxy shape, but I actually really liked it when I tried it on. It's nice and light for the spring/summer, only 3/4 length sleeves, and it's black! Which is always good. ;) Normally it was $34 something, but it was on clearance for $5.41 and on top of that, all clearance was 40% off, so I got it for less than $3!

I also got these fun earrings from Claire's/Icing (the stores are the same and I can never remember which I actually went into).
They're fun and quirky, and because they're nice and flat, I can wear them to work without worrying they'll get ripped out of my ears. They're part of the "sensitive solutions" collection too, which means my ears shouldn't get too upset by wearing them either.

The other thing I got was some fun make-up! First up, some really pigmented eye shadows. I got a very dark grey/black to make a smoky eye, since my only charcoaly color is wicked old and I'm afraid to use it. I also got some nice saturated jewel tones. I've been relying on eye liner when it comes to those shades, but having the shadows is going to be really nice. (Ignore my finger prints from checking out the colors.)

I also got a couple of inexpensive lip liners. I've been wanting to get some as I want to wear lipstick more often, but because my lips are so tiny, I have problems making it look right. I figure a pencil might also be an easier way to go for work as well, because I can just put a gloss on top of it and call it a day. Below is me holding my two new colors, and modeling the more pink one with the Lancome gloss Lilly got me for her wedding.
Best part was, I didn't spend very much money at all, but I felt like I got a ton of stuff. :)

And now, drum roll please! *brrrrdddrrrrddrrrrdddaa!*
I GOT  A JOB FOR THE SUMMER AT WILLIAMSTOWN THEATRE FESTIVAL!!! I'll be the "Stage Supervisor," which means I'm the head of run crew and have a few other duties. I'm just so super excited to actually be doing what I love for the summer and getting paid for it! I was literally jumping up and down after the interview I was so excited. Now of course, even though it's more than a month away, I keep thinking trying to plan stuff out in my head (I'll be honest, a lot of it is what I'll wear/pack). Sad part is, I'll be away from Mike for the three months and the piggies can't come with me either. :( I'll be super busy so it's good I won't have the boys, but it is going to be lonely without any of my three boys there to snuggle up to. Though I have to admit, I'm actually most worried about Mike taking care of the fish. Ha.

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