05 April 2012

Easter candy!

I've realized that in addition to wanting to start all my blog posts with "so," my life is not really exciting enough to provide material for frequent blog posts. Or, anything interesting happens on the weekend when I am too busy/tired from work to blog about it. Unless I go shopping or someone visits/mails me something, my day to day always seems too mundane for a blog. For example, yesterday can be summed up by- "In which I watched a lot of television."

To backtrack quickly, Laura was here this past weekend for a conference at Brown, and Mike, the piggies, and I got to hang out with her on Friday night. She really liked the piggies. :) I always love hanging out with Vrana as we can discuss education and Twilight with equal fervor. And it was nice to see her because I haven't seen her since I saw Sweeney Todd in November.

Today was exciting for two reasons- I decided to give Kandee's "Mermaid Waves" (http://www.kandeej.com/2012/03/how-to-mermaid-waves-hairstyle.html) a half-hearted try and I got my Easter box from my parents! First, the hair. I say half-hearted because, while I braided my freshly washed hair last night per directions, I did not really give myself much time this morning. So, instead of using a three barrel curling iron to make sure the top and bottom of the hair wasn't stick straight, I just quickly gave the ends a little flip with my tiny curling iron. This is my hair at the end of the day:
And yes, that is my shower curtain AGAIN. I can't help it that the only place with decent lighting is the bathroom! :/

Second, the box! The reason they send me the box in the first place was because I wanted my sewing box. It has my good shears, all my needles, etc. Unbeknownst to me, I'd apparently also crammed all the stuff I use to make the tiny beaded purses, as well as all the finished ones I have, into it as well. I'm going to have to find somewhere to put all that stuff now. Mainly I wanted it though because I have fabric I bought at Thanksgiving to make into stuff for piggies, but I didn't have any of my sewing stuff. So maybe now I'll finally get around to doing that.

The box also had in it a lovely scarf:
It's from Thomas. While he was playing bingo with some old people courtesy of his service club, he won it. One of the old lady's had made it and offered it up as a prize. Anyhow, it's a really great color and length, so I'm excited to wear it.

The other thing in the box was LOTS and LOTS of Easter candy. I don't think I've ever gotten this much Easter candy from my parents before. As a visual, here is all their candy (plus the one bunny I bought and stuffed animals from Easter's yore) in a basket:
Crazy ridiculous. There are two solid milk chocolate bunnies in boxes, on squished chocolate bunny in a wrapper, a little carton of Whoppers, a little carton of Reese's pieces (which I'll probably let Mike eat since he likes Reese's), a bag of Hershey's eggs, a bag of Butterfingers eggs, and three different colored boxes of peeps. Whew! Definitely going to get holiday pudge from this basket. I may have to start eating now, in order spread the goodness out. ;)

In job news, no-go at Theater at Monmouth, which is sad. Sent out feelers to Christine's friend and I have a lead with Nottke for Williamstown Theatre Festival, which is good. Also sent my resume to Theater by the Sea, but I'm doubtful that will do anything.

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