11 April 2012

Happy (Late) Easter!

For the past several days, I have been trying to remember to come on and do a blog post about Easter. Well, not Easter precisely since the day itself was fairly uneventful (I worked all day), but rather about my preparations for Easter. Specifically- my eggs!

Last year, I had trouble finding the PAAs dye (the one we always used when I was growing up) and had to use some no-name brand. Good news was that they came with these funny little fold-able cups, so you didn't have to worry about dying yours. The eggs also came out pretty well, which was nice. But this year, as soon as I saw the PAAs dye, I scooped it up. It was weird though, because the package said, comes with nine colors, including three neon ones! And then there were twelve tablets. What they meant was, it comes with nine normal colors PLUS three neon ones. I know it's random, but it really bothered me. :/

But back to the main event! With photos!

Exhibit A: Dissolving the dye. All of them were dissolved in vinegar per package instructions, save for one of the pink ones, as that was supposed to result in the brightest colors.

Exhibit B: Rearranging the dye in rainbow order and adding the water for the eggs.

Since there were twelve colors I decided to do twelve eggs. I checked on them in ten and twenty minutes increments. I think I ended up leaving them in for a little over an hour so that all the colors were really saturated. And now the irony- the PAAs dye was crappy!

Exhibit C: Poorly colored eggs.

I don't know why, but the color was sloughing off many of them (such as the dark green one three over). Others just has really uneven dye jobs (like the red one, though you can't really tell in the picture). Honestly, perhaps the best dye job was on the pink egg without the vinegar (pink egg on the end). When I posted this picture to Facebook, one of my relatives said the key was "vinegar and warm water," but I don't know. Next year, I think I'm just gonna go with the random brand dye again. I prefer my eggs to be dyed evenly, and not having to buy plastic cups is also a bonus.

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