17 April 2012

Shopping, glorious shopping.

Quick aside- today and yesterday felt like summer! It was glorious. Anyways, I wanted to blog about my shopping trip on Saturday. I didn't have time on Sunday and then yesterday I worked 9 hours(!!!) and promptly came home and crashed. So, yet again, I will tell you about my weekend, mid-week.

My epic shopping trip was for two reasons- firstly, I needed to find Lilly a present for her birthday and, secondly, I had a bit of tip money burning a hole in my pocket. I decided that I wanted to just wander around a few stores and see if anything caught my eye. I went to TJMaxx/Home Goods, Bed Bath and Beyond, JoAnne's, Christmas Tree Shops, and then Stop and Shop for gas/english muffins.

TJMaxx I found a few things for both Mum (for Mother's Day) and for Lilly. I hadn't planned on getting Mum anything, but I couldn't resist! I also discovered that they carry our Calphalon pots, so next time we're on the market, I want to check there since they're cheaper there than from Crate and Barrel. The only thing I got for myself at TJMaxx was a plain, round, mirror that I'm gonna put in the spare room for when I have to blow dry my hair in there (no outlets in the bathroom). B, B, & B all I ended up getting was another little jar on clearance for my make-up brushes.

JoAnne's was the real surprise. I wandered in mostly to check out their clearance Easter stuff, and ended up finding some nice bargains.

First, I got two pairs of the special scissors that cut a design instead of a straight line. They were only 50 cents each! I couldn't believe it!
I also got this cute little birdhouse (they had a bunch of different styles). I plan on painting it- maybe tonight or tomorrow- so that it makes a cute little decoration a la Marie McDermott.

Finally, I got this cute owl box and owl felt stickers. The box is currently holding my perfumes in the bathroom, but I may find somewhere more out in the open to put it. I haven't done anything with the stickers yet, but they were only a dollar and way too cute to pass up.

The jewelry roll I also got from JoAnne's. I can't remember now how much it was, but it was definitely no more than a dollar. Christmas Tree Shops was my next stop, and I did find some Easter stuff there. I got some tiny fake eggs to decorate with next year and a big fabric egg to use as a pin cushion (since the mouse I had didn't seem to make it over with my sewing box).

When I got home after all this, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the watch I ordered a while ago had arrived!

I got it sort of as a replacement for the teal watch I had to return to Target. :( But, I do really like this one. It's big, silicone, and blue! I wore it to work Sunday and Monday. It's nice to have a big, fun colorful watch, since all the other ones I have are silver, white, or black. They go with all my clothes, but they're also kind of drab.

Yesterday before I passed out, I ran to the library to pick up the first of "The Secret Circle" books (I figured they might be better than the TV series). I was stoked because they also had the third Beka Cooper book (Tamora Pierce) and Alex Flinn's next book. Also picked up a few random other ones that seemed appealing. AND I got my ELLE magazine yesterday. Add to that the $50 in tips I made in the past three days and life is pretty good right now.

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