16 May 2012

Deals and Steals!

I had some fun the past couple days getting some really good deals on some random things. I went out shopping yesterday for the purpose of picking up Lilly's Baby Shower gift. I'd done the "ship to store" option so that I didn't have to pay to ship it twice, and then I had to go all over to find the other part of her gift (which turned out to be on sale when I finally found it, yippee!). But anyways, here were my deals:

This is Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm in "Red Dahlia." I've been wanting to try it for some time now, but seeing as it's usually $7, I was having a hard time justifying buying it. I got lucky though and they had some Burt's Bees products on clearance at Target, because the packaging had changed, so I got it for less than $5! I also picked up a body wash that was on clearance at Target since I'm almost out of my birthday cake one I got from Sephora on my birthday. It is a nice subtle tint and smells delicious to boot! (The lip balm, not the body wash, though that does smell good too.)

Then today, I took advantage of a couple coupons I had. I had one for a free Good 'N Natural bar, which it turns out is sort of like a Cliff bar/Balance bar type thing. Except that it's gluten free and vegan. But hey! It was free, so I figured, why not? Apparently they only carry them at CVS or Rite Aid around here though. So, when I was over at Stop and Shop, I ran into the Rite Aid. I decided to also use the $1 off on Wet n Wild product coupon I had. After some waffling I settled on a polish. Some of them were $1.99, but I said what the hell and got one of the 99 cent ones in a deep, shimmery purple color. I spent a total of 15 cents at Rite Aid. Pretty darn good.

I'm never going to be a super crazy couponer because a) it takes way too much effort, b) it drives you crazy, and c) you have to go to so many stores! But it does feel really good to take advantage of sales and coupons to buy something random and fun every once in a while.

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