07 May 2012

Lots of stuff!

Lots to write about! To start off, a couple of things that I apparently left out/didn't blog about. I realized I hadn't, because I wore/used them today. Firstly, this awesome cuff!
It is kind of like the brown American Eagle one I've had forever, but so much better because it's black! I foresee wearing this a lot this summer. Speaking of which, I totally scored on a $4 light-weight, black hoody from Savers today. One more thing off my if-I'm-wearing-blacks-all-summer-do-I-have-what-I-need list. Back on the list is all black tennis shoes, since I tried wearing my Polo Ralph Lauren ones all day today at work, and I made it shy of three hours before I ran and took them off because I was in so much pain. They are now in the donation bag.

The other thing(s) I wanted to mention that I apparently never wrote about were some e.l.f. products I got the other day. This I have been using under/as my eyeshadow all weekend and I'm in love with it.
It's the Studio Cream Eyeshadow in "Dawn" (though it's less pink and more gold than this photo). I'd originally wanted to try it in "Pewter" (a grey/purple) since I tend to use that color a lot, but Target doesn't carry it, and I didn't really want to pay shipping. So I bought this one instead and I'm really, really liking it. Sad to say, I think it beats Clinique's version (Touch-base, which I have in "Canvas"). It doesn't crease at all and the lid actually screws on tight so that it won't dry out. I also picked up the e.l.f. bronzer since my old bronze was a) too dark and b) broken into a million pieces. With this, I've also been gaga for my new e.l.f brushes. Specifically, the "Eye Shadow Brush." I decided to buy all of the $1 e.l.f. brushes that Target stocks and this was one of them. It's super duper soft and applies eyeshadow so beautifully. Between this and the cream eyeshadow, my make-up has been looking 10x better.

So now to my "haul" for today (it's seriously sad how often I blog about my shopping trips). Today I went to Five Below after work, which is sort of like the Dollar Store on inflation. Everything is $5 or below, hence the name. I went there because Karisa had mentioned that they had the "crackle" nail polish there, 2 for $5, which is a pretty good deal. But, of course, I couldn't keep from picking up a few other things.

Right when I walked in the door I found these adorable sunglasses. My rose tinted sunglasses broke around Christmas time and I haven't had a chance yet to glue them or replace them. I have another pair of glasses, but the lenses are really dark. It's hard to tell in this photo, but the tint isn't super dark on these glasses. I like that for days when you're squinting, but it's not crazy bright out. And they're cute.

My other impulse buy was these "party cubes," aka cubes you can freeze and put in drinks, but that won't water down whatever you're drinking. I'd been toying with the idea of getting something like this for a while and the fun colors just clinched the deal. 

And yes, I did get crackle. They had a bunch of colored ones, but I figured I'd stick with having the color underneath. There were two others though that I was also choosing between- a silver, sparkly one and a black, iridescent one. I ended up going with these as pretty classic colors, though I do keep thinking about the silver one. Karisa had a gold one that was really nice too, but they didn't have any of it today. If I really like these, I may go back for another couple. For now though, I'm just super excited to try it out. And I will of course share the results.
And last, but certainly not least, I came home to a package! I got super excited since the only package I'd been expecting I wasn't expecting for a while, but I knew it must be my Hunger Games Trilogy!!! Mum ended up getting another set (for reasons I won't go in to) and I think that's the set she ended up sending me. But of course, they didn't just send me books, oh no, my box was full! I also got round, old fashioned peppermints and Old Dominion Cashew brittle (I'm guessing re-gift from one of her students). And the box had the Clinique Lilly's been trying to send me forever.

You have no idea how excited I got about that. She not only sent me the Moisture Surge (center) she'd promised me, she sent me a bunch of other goodies, most of which were from her "gift with purchase." From left to right I also got: Almay foundation- SPF 15 and auto-tint for your skin tone. I'm super excited to try it out. Lipstick/gloss duo- it's hard to see the color in the photo, but it's a nice, warm neutral tone that's just darker than my lips making it a nice everyday shade. Moisture Surge- I get to start using this as my night cream. High Impact Mascara- only Clinique's best mascara (according to me) and one I was almost out of. Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion- garbage for my face because I have the wrong skin type, but it works great as a ultra-hydrating hand lotion. Oh yeah, and the bag is frickin' adorable! Like, I want to use it as a clutch adorable.

I think that's it for now. I'll see if I can try and come up with a blog NOT motivated by a package or shopping trip, but I'll probably fail. Also, nice new format, eh? I randomly chose to not center a picture and realized I could make the text go beside it. I think I prefer it. I would ask what you prefer, but we all know that no one reads this. ;)

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