27 August 2013

When life hands you lemons, make a face scrub!

A very long time ago when I first started watching Kandee Johnson's YouTube videos, I saw her "Lemon Doctor" video. I didn't really act on it, but thought it was a cool idea. Recently, she did a blog post of tips and tricks that included her lemon face scrub. I decided to give it a go. There are three great things about this lemony scrub:

1) You don't have to make it ahead of time and it takes all of five seconds to put together each night.

2) It is delightfully scrubby and all the acids in the lemon juice are excellent for cleaning your face and helping to prevent nastiness like blackheads and acne.

3) All the ingredients are readily available in your kitchen.

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So what exactly am I talking about? A quick and easy lemon face scrub. All you do is pour a bit of lemon juice on a cotton round and pour a little sugar over that. Then just scrub it all over your face!

I use this in a couple different ways. Some nights, I will use my Burt's Bees Citrus Facial Scrub and then before I rinse it off, I will soak a cotton ball in lemon juice and use that to scrub it around some more. When I use it this way, I skip the sugar since I already have a scrub on my face and just add the goodness of the acids in the lemon juice into the mix. I then rinse my face, tone, and moisturize as usual.

Other nights, when I don't really have the energy to wash my face properly, I'll just wipe my make-up off with a cleansing wipe and then do the lemon sugar scrubby afterwards for some deeper cleaning. Then I rinse it all off and moisturize.

I don't use this every night, because lemon juice every night might be too much, but it is a nice little boost to use every so often. And hey, it costs no extra money to add this into my beauty routine, so why not?

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