28 September 2015

Total Eclipse of the Supermoon!

I spent a good portion of my evening yesterday looking up how to take pictures of the moon and then trying to execute those instructions. Turns out, I can take a pretty decent picture of the moon with my camera. The sad thing was, without a tripod, I was not able to hold the camera still enough to take a clear picture of the moon once it was in the total eclipse. (It gets so much darker that you need a long exposure to pick it up, and no one is steady handed enough for that.) I took all these photos with my Nikon D500 from my backyard in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Courtesty of a blanket, mint tea, and a book on tape, here are my pictures of the September 2015 Lunar Eclipse of the Supermoon.

The eclipse has begun!

The moon has almost been totally eclipsed, just the tiniest sliver is still visible.

This was during the beginning of the total eclipse. The moon is just barely visible taken with the same settings as when it was fully visible.

The closest thing I have to a clear shot of the total eclipse. It was truly this orange in person.

My stillest close-up of the eclipsed moon. I was lying on my back with the camera on top of me and literally held my breath to take this.

Not quite as still, but the top moon almost looks good in this photo.

The beginning of the end.

Almost half of the moon is visible again.

Two thirds of a moon!

I'd thought the eclipse was over, but the camera shows there's still a hint of a shadow.

The Supermoon in all it's glory after the eclipse was truly over.

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