01 October 2013

Post-Show Haul

One fun thing about working in theatre is getting to see lots of different styles of clothing. For a while, I was stuck in the 20s, as I did a series of shows in that period. This last show I did, Seminar, was contemporary. The costume design concept was upscale hipster, which meant that I pretty much loved all the clothes.

For example: I love Liz's whole outfit in this photo, especially her blue and white polka dot button-up shirt.

(l to r) Liz Hayes*, Christopher Tarjan*, Jordan Ahnquist*, and Jesse Hinson*
* Denotes Member of Actors' Equity AssociationPhoto Credit: David Costa
All of Sophorl's clothes were to die for and she looked amazing in all of them. Case in point, this ensemble:

Sophorl Ngin, Photo Credit: David Costa
One thing that Stoneham Theatre, at least, will do is let the actors buy back any costume pieces they want at the end of the show, so long as the costume designer and production manager don't think that it's an item that should be kept in the costume stock for future shows. Because this show had fairly run of the mill modern clothing, it was pretty much all up for grabs. Jesse and Sophorl both bought some of their clothes (including those "leather" leggings!); I got in the action and bought a few items as well.

One thing I knew I wanted was Liz's grey, printed tube scarf. It's from H&M, but because it was used in the show, I got to buy it back for half price ($5).

One can never have too many scarves.
Another item I bought that was in the show was Sophorl's knit, lime green hat, originally from H&M. Sure, I could probably make a hat like this as it is a fairly simple pattern, but, again, at half price ($3), it was quite the bargain. [I couldn't find a link for the hat (I suspect she got it on clearance) or a professional photo, so you get one of me instead.]

My new favorite pop of color.
The final item I bought didn't make the cut for the show. It was a purse for Sophorl, but it got replaced by a tribal, fringy one that better fit her character. Her bag was one of the other things that Sophorl bought. Anyways, the bag I bought is a Mossimo Supply Co bag from Target. Because it hadn't gotten used and could potentially be returned, I had to pay full price for it ($20), which was honestly still quite reasonable. I mean, I could have just gone to Target and picked out a bag, but buying it from the theatre was so much more convenient, and hey, I really like the bag! It's a lot like a brown one I had from Charlotte Russe that just recently died, except that this one is black whereas the old one was brown. I'd been looking for a black bag that was interesting enough for everyday but that was also simple enough to be "professional" for job interview, etc. I also really like that the strap can be short to use as an over the shoulder bag, or lengthened to be a cross body strap.

Great utilitarian bag that I can dress up or dress down.
There were so many other things from the show that I considered buying, but none of the clothes fit quite right, so I couldn't really justify a bigger shopping spree from the Seminar closet. In any case, I'm super excited to start wearing/using the three things I did get.

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