06 March 2014

Knitting Project Bag

With all the knitting I've been doing, I stumbled into the need to have a bag for my knitting other than whatever shopping bag was handy. I wanted something sturdy, something the knitting needles couldn't poke through, and something that could close so everything wouldn't just fall out. I also realized there were a few necessities that it would really be handy to always have close by while I worked.

Well, before Christmas, Juniper Moon Farm did a bunch of giveaways. I of course entered nearly all of them, but sadly did not win any of them. There were two items in particular, however, that I really wanted. The first was the madbird project bags and needle organizers. The second was the sexy knitter tool tins. After I got over my disappointment of not winning, I realized I could easily assemble these things for myself.

First was the tool tin. During my Christmas shopping I picked up a cute tin (it was supposed to be for "wrapping" a gift card) at the Christmas Tree Shops. Then I picked up all the things to put in it at Joanne Fabrics and Michael's, utilizing all the holiday coupons they kept sending me.
My version of a tool tin

The most useful things ever
Inside my tin is a row counter, a small container of various kinds of stitch markers, some scrap yarn, yarn needles, a soft tape measure, a stitch holder, tiny scissors, and a cable needle. I have to say, having this in my project bag with my knitting has been so immeasurably helpful. And I'm pretty sure that putting it together cost me less than buying one from Etsy (and even if it didn't, many of the things I bought came in packages which means I got more than simply what you see in the tin).

Now what is this project bag I mentioned? Let me show you! It is the very first thing I ever machine sewed by myself. I used this very helpful tutorial on Very Shannon. The tutorial is for a slightly smaller bag, but for my first one I scaled it up a bit so that it could hold larger projects. I'm planning on making another smaller one as I love this one so much and know one a bit smaller would actually be useful for certain projects. Anyways, here is my finished bag!


Today full of my current project
Oh yeah, did I mention it is also reversible? I love it so much and it has been just perfect. The drawstring nature of it's closure also comes in handy while knitting, as it keeps the ball of yarn from rolling all over the place while I knit. And I'm also very proud of how well it came out considering it was the very first time I'd used my sewing machine.

In addition to the bag, I found a tutorial for a knitting needle holder that I hope to make sometime soon. Also on the sewing docket is a tote bag and finally getting around to making some cuddle cups and tunnels for the piggy boys. I'll be sure to show off my efforts whenever it is that I make them!

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