23 March 2014

Sweet Meadow Farm Adventure!

My piggies are spoiled. You probably knew that by now, but if not, here is some proof for you. On Friday, I drove an hour out to Sherborn, MA to pick up pellets and hay for the boys. Specifically, I drove to Sweet Meadow Farm. I can get pellets and hay in bulk from them which is so amazing. Not only do they LOVE the pellets and hay from Sweet Meadow (like, really. Neal nearly refuses to eat any other pellets), but it's also so much more economical to buy them in larger quantities. The reason why I drove out there is that it was cheaper to drive the 2 hours round trip than to pay for the exorbitant shipping. Anyways, here is my excursion in photo form.

This is (part of) the view when you drive up to the farm. Lots of paddocks and stables. And of course, a couple horses.

This is the 40lbs of hay in the back seat of the car.

Lovely, soft, green Timothy Hay.

Neal and Mozzie go right in to get a taste.

If you were wondering, this is what 50lbs of pellets looks like.

Hay and pellets all over the floor when I was done putting it in better containers for storage.

Bonus photo of Jack being a shoulder pig since he wasn't in the other photo.

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  1. Haha! I like your calendar in the background.
    I still can't get over the fact that your pigs are named after white collar characters.