06 May 2014

Make-up Look of the Day: Winged Liner

Bare arms! Iced tea! Sunglasses!
It's finally been sunny and warm lately! Like it's actually spring! The "look of the day" I'm featuring is technically from a few days ago, but I didn't have a chance to blog it until today. So here it is!

I really loved colored eye shadows, but I decided to do a very neutral, almost not there color for this look. I used a couple of the peachy tones from my e.l.f. palette.  Then I did a nice small wing to just elongate my eyes. I've been doing wings more and more lately because I really do think that they flatter my eye shape. I've been getting better and better at doing a quick, small wing with an eye pencil. I have a new black pencil that actually works really well for this and is the one I used in this look. It is a Beautique Eyeliner in Black 714000. I can't tell you where to buy it, because I got it from someone. But it has a really smooth application and sharpens to a nice point which makes it ideal for doing winged liner. It's also just a really nice black when it comes down to it.

And that was my make-up look of the day!

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