25 May 2014

Product Review: Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo

Selfie in the parking lot.
I both love the new Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo and am very disappointed by it.

First, the good news: Like the rest of their naked line, the dry shampoo is free of heavy residues, parabens, and dyes. It also works fantastically as a dry shampoo. When you first spray it on, it's mostly colorless before quickly drying to a white-ish powder. I usually let that sit a couple minutes, then work it into my roots with my fingers. That not only makes sure to get the shampoo to all the oily roots that need it but also makes the white powder disappear. And then, poof! your hair no longer looks like you haven't washed it in forever. It is also amazing as a volumizer. Almost like you've teased your hair, but without having to take the time and then deal with the tangles afterwards. This morning, I put it in my hair (which hasn't been washed since Friday- two days ago). The greasiness was eliminated and it gave my hair some lovely body. I ended up doing a really cute style with my bangs, because after I sprayed them, they practically asked to do this. All it took was a tiny bit of shaping and a couple of bobby pins. My hair doesn't look freshly washed, but it looks good enough to go to work with and was fun to style.

And now the bad news. The dispenser is TERRIBLE. Go read the reviews. They almost all unanimously say that the product is wonderful, but the can fails. I had a full size one that I used two days before it stopped working. And it wasn't just a clogged nozzle, because that's something you can fix. No, the aerosol action ceased to function, making the whole rest of the can useless. What I used today was the travel sized one that I got free with it. I'm hoping I get more than two uses out of it.

The reason why I decided to use it today was because I'm trying to go as long as possible before washing my hair again, since that's supposed to be one of the ways to keep the dye in as long as possible. Yesterday, I used my DIY dry shampoo (arrowroot powder, ground oatmeal, cinnamon, and coco powder), but today needed something with a bit more oomph. My plan is to wait until Wednesday to wash it, since I'm off tomorrow and Tuesday. I really hope the dry shampoo will work again tomorrow!

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