21 May 2014

TJMaxx Mini-Haul

I ran out and did some shopping today after the 10am matinee (groan). I was on the lookout for some clothes for work and some shoes, specifically black heels and a new pair of sandals since my white gladiator ones broke on Sunday. I did end up finding a bunch of t-shirts for work at Target, but the things I got really excited about were my TJMaxx finds.

Things not pictured are a bunch of perishables that I knew would make great gifts. For myself I got this:

Drink anyone?
I'd been thinking of getting some grenadine for cocktails, but I wasn't going to go out of my way to procure it. Well, this sort of fell into my lap and it was a bargain to boot.

Nothing more British than tea with a British saying on the tin.
Technically also a food item was this afternoon tea. But, let's be honest, I got it entirely for the tin. I'll throw the tea in as iced tea to use it up, but the tin I will keep forever! I have no idea what I'll keep in it, but it was super cheap and super adorable so I just bought it.

My final awesome purchase was these Converse All Star sneakers:

The epitome of cool.
They may technically be one size too big (and also not at all the kind of shoes I was supposed to buy today) but I simply could not pass up salmon pink high-top Chucks for only sixteen dollars! I guess I'm wearing sneakers all summer. :)

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