19 May 2014

Opening Night Make-up Look

There was a great article on Glamour's beauty website a few days ago about summer-ready looks, three of which I really loved. One of them was this gorgeous and slightly retro look featuring white liner and red lips.

Credit: glamour.com
I decided to use it as my inspiration for my opening night make-up look. I always like to make an effort for opening night, especially when tech has been especially long. So I took the extra few minutes in the morning and came up with this look:

It was a nice sunny day too!

Looking down so you can see the liner more.
It really didn't take much longer than anything else I do. I used most of the same products I do everyday for my foundation, blush, highlight, etc. For the white liner I used my wet n wild Kohl Eyeliner in White 656A with a bit of white eyshadow on top for staying power. My eyelashes got a couple coats of Maybelline The Rocket Volum' Express Mascara and on my lips I used L'Oreal Color Riche Lip Liner in Always Red. I just used a liner on my lips for maximum staying power since it needed to last from 1pm until 1am. And it did! I only re-applied once, after dinner.

I put my hair up since it was hot and it's was something a bit different and special. I used my butterfly bobby pin as a tribute to the fact that the show was The Secret Garden.

I only realized later that he was technically flying upside-down. Oh well!
And that was that! I got quite a few compliments, mostly on the lipstick, so I considered the look a success.

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