07 April 2013

Happy Random Sunday!

Super classy dressing room picture.
Tech is over and the run of La Gazzetta is halfway over (only four shows- very odd). This weekend has actually been pretty nice. On Friday, I missed my first train, but I still managed to run to Forever 21 on Newbury Street. It felt a little like spring, so I put on my moto vest rather than a real jacket. And yes, that may be the pair of jeans and bra I ended up buying.

Mommy, I want to go back.
This morning, I had to get up very early (okay, so only sort of early) to take Mike to the train station. It did mean that I got some piggy snuggles when I got home.

Coconut Bubble Tea
After work today, I went and tried out a restaurant the carps recommended in Chinatown called 163 Vietnam Sandwich. I had a shredded pork sandwich and this very delicious coconut bubble tea. I haven't had bubble tea in ages but I've been craving it for a very, very long time. I may or may not go back tomorrow and Tuesday because it was just that good. The only downside is that they only take cash. But it's totally worth it.

Awesome blue fingerless gloves!
Finally, I went and hung out at the BCA to wait for Mike to finish work (he was striking Clybourne Park for Speakeasy). They found these gloves in the theater and I got to keep them. :) Sorta makes up for me loosing two of my hats and my brown pair of fingerless gloves the past couple of weeks. I'm actually secretly excited to make more hats to replace the ones I lost, but I was really sad about the gloves. Now I have these!

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