11 April 2013

Target for the Win!

The most helpful thing in my kitchen.
As you may recall, my parents got Mike and me a gift card to Target for Christmas. Well, yesterday I used up the rest of it. The two big items I got were a step stool and desk organizer. We needed a step stool for the kitchen because the shelves are so high up that I can't actually reach the back of the top few without standing on something. I got a nice simple two step stool that folds up nice and small. Turns out i got the wrong paper organizer though, so Mike and I are going to go back some other time and get what he really wants. He wanted the stacking kind of paper trays, where I thought he wanted something that was more of a letter holder/single paper holder. I also got some cheesecloth. I've been needing some for several different projects I've done, so I finally buckled down and bought some. I'm excited to get to use it.

The main reason I'd went to Target was to get Lilly some  e.l.f. stuff, but they didn't have anything that she wanted, so I'm on to plan b for that. They did however have a few things that I wanted, so I went ahead and got them. Namely, Clarifying Pressed Powder in Ivory, the Smudge Brush, the Blending Brush, and the Make-up Remover Cloths. All four are things that I've been wanting to get for a while, but either they haven't had them or I didn't need them at the time.

If we manage to find the right sort of paper organizer for Mike today, I'll update the post with it. :)

So we went to Staples and found Mike a letter tray and sorter that he liked. I liked it because it had the horizontal and vertical slots, which I think is useful. I also decided that I would keep the one from Target for myself. I had to rehome the tissue box, but my sock monkey is happily guarding it now.

Spot for papers, spot for checks, and a spot for my most used writing utensils.

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